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Convegni - 08/05/2018

IAQVEC 2019: Healthy nearly Zero Energy Buildings

We have the great pleasure to present the conference X IAQVEC 2019: Healthy nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

IAQVEC is a premier international conference series, held once every three years, and hosted in different countries every time (in the past, it has been organized in Canada, USA, France, China, Japan, and Korea). The conference covers a wide range of key research areas with the goal of simultaneously improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and energy efficiency-enhancing well-being and sustainability in buildings. The goal of the conference is to advance the collective understanding of the nature and behavior of the healthy buildings capable of minimal energy demand.

IAQVEC 2019 is the X edition of IAQVEC, and we glad to report you that the city of Bari (so.. Italy) has been selected to host this milestone anniversary of the conference. This is the first time IAQVEC is organized in a Mediterranean country, and this may definitively broad the attention towards this event, that has typically attracted hundreds of professionals and researchers.

On behalf of the organizing committee, We would like to invite you to support fully this conference and to collaborate to make this event a great international opportunity for our members and our networks.

Consider joining X IAQVEC 2019 in Bari (Italy) – 10th Int. Conf. on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Building

5-7 September 2019 – more info @



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