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Convegni - 05/06/2014

ISPB 2015

Riceviamo dal collega Prof. Enrico De Angelis notizia di una conferenza prevista peri l 2015 sul tema delle patologie in edilizia.

“The ISBP conferences aim at attracting a balanced portion of delegates from academia, industry and research institutions; providing a binding platform for academics and industrialists to learn with the past and current building pathologies and encouraging the systematic application of that knowledge to the design, construction and management of buildings. Building pathology is the scientific study of the nature of building failure and its causes, processes, development and consequences. In order to provide an economic and effective remedy to building defects it is essential to identify properly the cause in order to address the problem.This first International Conference will be held in cooperation with the CIB W086 Commission – Building Pathology supporting the discussion of the Problems on Building Pathology – The Research and the Practice. The main objectives are to produce information which will assist in the effective management of service loss; to develop and evaluate methodologies for the assessment of defects and failures; to propose methodologies for the prevention and mitigation of building defects; to analyze costs associated with building pathology and to disseminate findings among all those involved in the production and management of buildings.”

Per chi fosse interessato c’è ancora tempo per la presentazione degli abstract.

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