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Ricerca - 02/10/2022

“Modernism Lexicon” Call Springer

Dear Colleagues,

with the international publisher Springer, after the success of the first volume dedicated to Modernism Lexicon (, we are collecting the results of studies and research concerning the contemporary lexicon, expressed not only in the field of architecture and engineering, but in all areas where it can be understood in a modern and meaningful way, ranging from different forms of art to architecture, from design to engineering, from reading to history, to representation and restoration.

The call for chapter ( is addressed to all those who intend to bring innovation and experience into the field of contemporary lexicon.

The topics covered will concern:

-Drawing shapes

-Patterns representation

-Construction and materials

-Building history

-Contemporary Heritage conservation

-Contemporary cities

-Contemporary lexicon in fashion and design

Submissions to the editorial proposal should include text and images that will be subjected to a double-blind peer review by experienced international reviewers, divided into 2 phases.

The first phase involves sending an abstract of up to 500 words and 2 images.

The abstract must contain:

  • Title and subtitle
  • Author and affiliation
  • Topic and keywords (max 5)
  • Text (min 300 words – max 500 words)
  • 2 Images

The second phase, which follows the acceptance of the abstract, involves sending a contribution of 20000-50000 characters, with a maximum of 20 images.

The deadlines are:

3 February 2023: Abstract submission deadline

10 March 2023: Acceptance notification abstract

10 July 2023: Full chapter submission deadline

from July to September: Double-blind peer review process

25 September 2023: Acceptance notification full chapter

27 October 2023: Revised final paper submission deadline

10 November 2023: Acceptance notification final chapter revised

Early 2024: Publication

All the information you can find at the following link

In the hope that this proposal is of interest to you.

Best regards,

Cristiana Bartolomei

Alfonso Ippolito

Simone Helena Tanoue Vizioli



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