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Le ultime pubblicazioni di ricercatori afferenti al SSD ICAR/10 Architettura Tecnica

The historical telegraphic towers from Madrid to Valencia: from knowledge to preservation and enhancementMartino, A., Savini, P., Navarro, Y.H., de Dato, P., Fatiguso, F.2022Journal of Architectural Conservation
Facing Vulnerability: Sustainable Healthcare Design in the Global SouthMorandotti, M.2022Urban Book Series, pp. 263-282
Energy Improvement in the Building Sector: An Economic Analysis Relating to the Most Common Italian MasonryAnnibaldi, V., Cucchiella, F., D’adamo, I., Gastaldi, M., Rotilio, M.2022Key Engineering Materials, 919 KEM, pp. 236-247
Secondary Raw Materials for Circular Economy in Construction Sector: A ReviewRotilio, M., Cucchiella, F., Annibaldi, V.2022Key Engineering Materials, 919 KEM, pp. 260-269
Methods, techniques, and tools for assessing the seismic vulnerability of building stocksFerreira, T.M., Bernardini, G.2021Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Civil Engineering Structures at Multiple Scales: From Single Buildings to Large-Scale Assessment, pp. 229-247.



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