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Le ultime pubblicazioni di ricercatori afferenti al SSD ICAR/10 Architettura Tecnica

PredicTAIL, a prediction method for indoor environmental quality in buildings undergoing deep energy renovation based on the TAIL rating schemeWei, W., Wargocki, P., Ke, Y., (…), Zirngibl, J., Mandin, C.2022Energy and Buildings, 258, art. no. 111839.
Evaluation of the Cost-Optimal Method Applied to Existing Schools Considering PV System OptimizationCiacci, C., Banti, N., Di Naso, V., Bazzocchi, F.2022Energies, 15(2), art. no. 611.
De-Risking the Energy Efficient Renovation of Commercial Office Buildings through Technical-Financial Risk AssessmentAndaloro, A., Salvalai, G., Fregonese, G., Tso, L., Paoletti, G.2022Sustainability (Switzerland), 14(2), art. no. 1011.
Electronic System for Monitoring of Dust on Construction Sites for the Health of WorkersPaolucci, R., Rotilio, M., De Berardinis, P., (…), Cucchiella, F., Stornelli, V.20212021 15th International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Systems and Services in Telecommunications, TELSIKS 2021 – Proceedings, pp. 329-332.
BALANCING ADAPTATION AND MITIGATION STRATEGIES THROUGH AN INTEGRATED APPROACH Climate responses in the human habitatCodemo, A., Favargiotti, S., Albatici, R.2021Sustainable Mediterranean Construction, 2021(Thirteen), pp. 123-129.
CULTURAL HERITAGE AS A PUBLIC GOOD: SUSTAINABLE USE  OF A SYMBOLIC SITE IN NAPLES Returning the castle to the citizensLombardi, C., Maio, M., Fumo, M.2021Sustainable Mediterranean Construction, 2021(Thirteen), pp. 68-73.
SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF UNESCO SITES: THE MEDINA OF MARRAKECHGomih, S., Leporelli, E., Martino, M., Santi, G.2021Sustainable Mediterranean Construction, 2021(Thirteen), pp. 153-159.



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