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Le ultime pubblicazioni di ricercatori afferenti al SSD ICAR/10 Architettura Tecnica

Simplified flood evacuation simulation in outdoor built environments. Preliminary comparison between setup-based generic software and custom simulator
Quagliarini, E., Bernardini, G., Romano, G., D’Orazio, M.
2022 Sustainable Cities and Society, 81, art. no. 103848.2.

Hydroponic Green Roof Systems as an Alternative to Traditional Pond and Green Roofs: A Literature Review
Rapisarda, R., Nocera, F., Costanzo, V., Sciuto, G., Caponetto, R.
2022 Energies, 15(6), art. no. 2190.3.

Solar Energy in Urban Planning: Lesson Learned and Recommendations from Six Italian Case Studies
Formolli, M., Croce, S., Vettorato, D., (…), Mainini, A.G., Lobaccaro, G.
2022 Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 12(6), art. no. 2950.4.

Construction Solutions and Materials to Optimize the Energy Performances of EPS-RC Precast Bearing Walls
Scioti, A., De Fino, M., Martiradonna, S., Fatiguso, F.
2022 Sustainability (Switzerland), 14(6), art. no. 3558.

Procedural modelling for HBIM of italian railways iron bridges
Di Donato, D., Morganti, R., Tosone, A., Abita, M.
2022 International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences – ISPRS Archives, 46(2/W1-2022), pp. 207-214.

Digital image correlation applied to lime-based mortars: Shrinkage tests for durability evaluations in restoration works
Grazzini, A., Lacidogna, G., Zerbinatti, M., Fasana, S., Vecchio, F.
2022 Developments in the Built Environment, 10, art. no. 100070.



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