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Le ultime pubblicazioni di ricercatori afferenti al SSD ICAR/10 Architettura Tecnica

Virtual reconstruction of a ghost disco: The Woodpecker in Milano MarittimaBartolomei, C., Mazzoli, C., Morganti, C.2022Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2204(1), art. no. 012013.2.
Smart Cities and Sustainability: A Complex and Strategic Issue – The Case of Torino Smart CityMele, C.2022Research Anthology on Measuring and Achieving Sustainable Development Goals, 3, pp. 848-862.3.
Three Decades on Renewable Climate Policy: A Bibliometric AnalysisAnnibaldi, V., Cucchiella, F., Rotilio, M.2022Eurasian Studies in Business and Economics, 22, pp. 289-307.
Experimental assessment of the static mechanical behaviour of the steel-glass adhesive joint on a 1:2 scale tensegrity floor prototypeMarchione, F., Chiappini, G., Rossi, M., Scoccia, C., Munafò, P.2022Journal of Building Engineering, 53, art. no. 104572.2.
Critical review of nano and micro-level building circularity indicators and frameworksKhadim, N., Agliata, R., Marino, A., Thaheem, M.J., Mollo, L.2022Journal of Cleaner Production, 357, art. no. 131859.3.
Towards the scale-up of solid-state, low-emissive electrochromic films, fabricated on a single substrate with novel electrolyte formulationsCannavale, A., Pugliese, M., Giannuzzi, R., (…), Maiorano, V., Gigli, G.2022Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 241, art. no. 111760.4.
Monitoring Approaches for New-Generation Energy Performance Certificates in Residential BuildingsSalvalai, G., Sesana, M.M.2022Buildings, 12(4), art. no. 469.5.
Analysis of condensation and ventilation phenomena for double skin façade unitsSquadroni, F., De Michele, G., Mazzucchelli, E.S., (…), Mangialardo, S., Avesani, S.2022Journal of Building Physics.



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